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Breads From Around the World with Chef Bazile

Breads From Around the World with Chef Bazile Chef Bazile specifically chose these three small and mighty breads, for the simplicity of demonstration for class. She makes these weekly, for farmers’ markets and for Her own household. While She also bakes crusty boules, baguettes, and sandwich loaves, small breads freeze well and are also easier to take on the go. For variety, She selected breads from three different continents other than North America: Europe, Asia, and South America. Although gluten is for most bakers what makes bread equal bread, She's chosen one gluten-free recipe, and one that can be made with heritage grains and sourdough starter for people with mild gluten sensitivity, (not wheat allergies or celiac disease).
Our three recipes for this class include: Bialys- Pita pocket bread - Pao de Queijo