Caron & Doucet Cast Iron Scrub

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100% Natural Cast Iron Salt Scrub formulated to remove rust & food residues. Helps to fortify and protect your natural cast iron seasoning. Unlike metal scrubbers on the market, this cast iron scrub will not scratch the surface of your cast iron resulting in the increased longevity of your cookware.
Removes Rust, Stuck on Food & Burned Food Spots on Cast Iron.

✓ RESTORES & RESEASONS CAST IRON | Designed for removing rust and burnt on food spots while helping to build and restore the natural seasoning of cast iron cookware. The best solution for cleaning & restoring cast iron skillets, pots, pans, dutch ovens and grills.

✓ FORTIFIED WITH COCONUT OIL | Unlike canola oil, hemp seed or other types of common cooking oils, this cast iron scrub will not go rancid. The result is a long lasting seasoning that does will not start to smell bad over time.

✓ ENHANCED WITH ESSENTIAL OILS | A light scented scrub made with our proprietary blend of lemongrass and rosemary essential oils that will not transfer onto food or your cast iron’s seasoning.

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