Doughmakers Great Grand Cookie Sheets

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Made with a heavy gauge, recyclable aluminum. The patented, pebble pattern allows easy release.

  • 14" x 20.5"

Care & Handling Instructions


  • Thoroughly wash prior to first use with a soft sponge or nylon scrubbie. (Avoid detergents with a chlorine base)
  • Follow recipe for time and temperature.
  • To keep bakeware looking its best, hand wash promptly in hot soapy water. (Avoid detergents with a chlorine base)
  • Dry before storing.


  • DO NOT use aerosol nonstick sprays. They may cause a sticky build-up.
  • DO NOT use for high-acid foods, water bath or food storage.
  • NOT RECOMMENDED for dishwasher.
  • AVOID detergents with a chlorine base


  •  Scratches will not affect performance. (Yay!)
  • Cookies - No greasing is required unless recipe calls for a greased pan.
  • Cakes - Lightly grease and flour inside surface.
  • Frozen Pizza - No greasing required.
  • Homemade Pizza - Grease inside of pan. For crispier crust, sprinkle pan with cornmeal.
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