Full Circle For Good Compostable Snack Bags pk25

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Introducing our eco-friendly grab-and-go solution: Leak-resistant, resealable bags that are fridge and freezer safe. Crafted from plants (PLA & PBAT), these bags break down into carbon and water, meeting internationally-recognized standards for safe biodegradation in composting facilities. Each box contains 25 bags measuring 6.5in x 3.2in (16.5cm x 8.2cm).

Perfect for storing any type of grab-and-go goodness like fruit, vegetables, nuts, chips, and more, these bags are ideal for travel or staying organized on the move.

Take Less. Give Back. For Good. Love snacking but want to reduce plastic waste? Our plant-based, compostable bags are the perfect solution. Say goodbye to traditional plastic zipper bags and enjoy your favorite snacks guilt-free. With each use, you're making a positive impact on the environment. Snack responsibly with our eco-friendly bags!

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