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April Fool's Day Foods Kids' Cooking Class

Sunday, March 22nd, 2020 1-2:30 pm $15

This class is all about delicious deception, no fooling! Kids will learn new ways to create delicious food that tastes like something completely different than it appears. Get ready for some April Fooling that your family won’t soon forget.

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Cooking with Herbs for a Healthy Life with Laurel Redmon

Tuesday March 24th, 2020 6-8pm

Herbs can protect you against diseases, clear toxins from your body, and provide you with vitamins and minerals and do much more.  These benefits alone give you plenty of reasons to be adventurous in adding herbs and spices to your meals. It will be worth it for the flavor enhancement alone, and the boost it will give your health is the icing on the cake!

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Easter Class for Kids

Easter Treats Kids Cooking Class

April 4, 2020, 1-2:30 pm, $15

All Things Spring and Easter at this class for Kids! Get ready for the Spring and Easter holiday's many traditions around food at this class for kids!

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Spring Quiche

Spring Quiches with Jill McLeod

Tuesday, April 7th, 2020, 6-8pm $35

If you love eggs and cheese, and a quick dinner...then you are going to love these quiche tips and tricks! The beauty of quiche is that you can use your favorite spring ingredients, or whatever you have on hand.  This French classic should be in every home cook's repertoire, so if you need help perfecting your quiche, come and enjoy some of chef Jill's quiche, and bring a friend!

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Oils & Vinegars

Guide to Cooking with Oils & Vinegars with Jill McLeod

Tuesday, April 28th, 2020 6-8pm $35

Learning to cook properly with the vast array of  oils and vinegars is an essential skill in the culinary arts. Becoming comfortable cooking with the various types of oils, their limited range of uses, flavors and smoke points will make cooking easier. In this class we will discuss the various kinds of oils and vinegar available and show you how to use the many varieties we sell right here at Bekah Kate's!

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BBQ Class 2020

Baraboo BBQ Cooking Class May 7th, 2020 $35
Baraboo BBQ will provide you good understanding of the techniques and tricks of barbecuing and smoking, there is a difference! The class will explore meat... preparation, spices, marinades, dry rubs, cooking techniques and sauces. We will also discuss vegetables and deserts. Class is hosted by Ed Geick, Mark Schauf and Tom Pinion. This class is bound to be a blast with these three!

"Chefs" Ed Geick, Mark Schauf and Tom Pinion

Ed has judged many Kansas City Barbeque Society contests, worked/played on a professional cooking team, and has been a certified judge with KCBS.

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Gourmet Recipes for Cooking with Wisconsin Fish
Gourmet Recipes for Wisconsin Fish  - Chef Tom Wolowik
Wednesday July 8th, 2020 5:30-7:30pm  $35 
Tired of the same old recipes, or need a break from the traditional Friday night fish fry?  Angler and experienced fishmonger, Chef Tom Wolowik will wow us with new recipes using our own local fish species.  Bring along your questions for all things fish or seafood preparation...Tom can answer them all! 

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Essential Cooking Basics for Everyone with Chef Tom Wolowik
Aug 12th, 2020 Time 5:30-7:30pm $35
Whether you are starting from scratch, or just need a brush up on the basics, Chef Tom’s enthusiasm and knowledge of all things culinary will inspire you to get in the kitchen and cook! This is a great class for those college bound kids too!

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Pizza & Focaccia

Pizza & Focaccia Making with Jill McLeod

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020 6-8pm $35

What exactly is the difference between these two...The only practical difference between pizza and focaccia is the thickness of the crust. Forget about frozen pre-cooked pizza and focaccia! Chef Jill will make a traditional Margarita pizza and a Peasant Field Foccacia with sage and potato...yum! After this Pizza & Focaccia making cooking class, you’ll never want the store bought stuff again!

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Spring Rolls

Secrets of Spring Rolls  - Laurel Redmon Tuesday, October 6th 6-8pm $35

Learn the proper way to make spring rolls and a multitude of ways to fill them!

Spring rolls are an incredibly versatile way to combine fresh flavors and a variety of ingredients to create a healthy snack or light meal. With lots of fun fillings and sauces to experiment with, Laurel will teach you her techniques to create and customize spring rolls you’ll love to make and eat!

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Flavorful Herbal Soups

Flavorful Herbal Soups - Laurel Redmon Tuesday, October 20th 6-8pm $35

Transform everyday and local ingredients into an endless variety of soups to please every palate! Learn secrets for developing flavor from a variety of herbs, and an array of creative garnishes! Quickly make delicious soups and broths to create or enhance our own hearty, homey favorites.

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 Wine & Appetizers


Wine & Appetizers with Jill McLeod Tuesday, November 10th, 2020 6-8pm $35

With the holidays fast approaching it's time to add a few new appetizers, and the wines to match them, to your repertoire.  Bacon & Bleu Potato Chips, Feta Fennel Spread on Crostini, and Basil Hummus Stuffed Peppers are three easy, but high impact, recipes that are great in any setting from casual to formal.  Not sure what wines to match to your apps, no worries, we've got you covered with three great pairings that will shine with these appetizers.

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Soup and Stew

Warming up with Winter Soups and Stews - with Jill McLeod

Tuesday, January 12th, 2021 6-8pm $35

Nothing warms you up on a cold winter's night more than simmering soups and stews on the stove! They may seem complicated or time-consuming, but once you know the basics, you can easily make your own homemade soups that aren’t full of preservatives or artificial ingredients. Learn to transform fresh produce into nourishing soups and stews to have a nutrient-packed dinner in no time!

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Glorious Gnocchi with Jill McLeod - with Jill McLeod

Tuesday, February 9th 2021 6-8pm

This Hands on Class will be a take our love of gnocchi to the next level! Chef Jill will help you create; Traditional Potato Gnocchi served with Brown Butter, Pine Nuts and Sage, Ricotta Gnocchi with Pesto and Beetroot Gnocchi with Chevre. Yum, yum and yummmm!

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