Lambs & Thyme Bread Dips Roasted Garlic

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We love our new Bread Dipping Blends! Mix with a little good quality extra virgin olive oil and add a splash of balsamic vinegar for an easy gourmet appetizer.  This blend has roasted garlic and a blend of herbs and spices. Could also use this delicious blend for seasoning meats, sauces, dressings and soups.

MSG-Free, Gluten Free, and All-Natural

| Nora Maloy 03-05-2020 04:42

A great dip for breads....but using it as a rub on pork chops was amazing. The flavors came alive even more so by grilling. The next time we fired up the grill, I cut cauliflower in chunky flowerettes, sprinkled them with olive oil and dusted them with the Roasted Garlic Bread Dip. After wrapping them in foil, again roasting on the grill, we ended up fighting over the cauliflower. Soooo good.

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