Gotze Peelers Set

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Introducing a versatile trio for your kitchen: a julienne slicer, peeler, and mandolin.

Gotze Peeler: Crafted with cutting-edge technology, our peeler maintains sharpness over time, enduring various conditions to peel any fruit or vegetable in two directions with its dual blades. Glide through skins like melted butter, leaving produce intact and preserving its quality. From tomatoes to pineapples and butternut squash, it tackles them all, featuring a potato eye remover for added convenience.

Julienne Slicer: Renowned as the pinnacle of julienne slicers, it effortlessly transforms zucchinis into noodles and butternut squash into spaghetti, achieving precise thickness every time. Esteemed by chefs globally for its performance.

Comfort-Engineered Handle: Designed for optimal comfort, this peeler accommodates both right and left-handed users, ensuring a delightful peeling experience. It includes a hanging hole for easy storage.

Mandolin Attachment: Seamlessly attachable to the peeler, the red component swiftly transforms it into a mini mandolin, delivering high-quality precision in a compact form. Built to be sturdy and enduring, it resists clogging, offering effortless and rapid peeling and cutting. Dishwasher safe and crafted from stainless steel, it retains sharpness for prolonged use, backed by a lifetime warranty.

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