Harold Icing Spatula Offset 8"

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Ateco's Offset Icing Spatula features a highly flexible angled blade, ideal for effortless icing, cake decorating, and detail work. Crafted from Japanese stainless steel and wood, it's both durable and stylish, with a compact design for convenient storage. Measuring 12.75 inches in length, it boasts an 8 x 1.25-inch blade.

The highly flexible angled blade smoothly spreads frostings and ices cakes with ease, allowing you to scoop up every dollop of frosting and evenly spread cake batters. Whether you're mixing frostings, icing cookies and cupcakes, or decorating cakes, this spatula is up to the task.

Strong, durable, and extremely flexible, it's dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Elevate your baking experience with Ateco's Offset Icing Spatula today!

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