Lekue Steamer Case

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Lékué's Microwave Steamer is a game-changer for anyone looking to streamline their cooking process while still enjoying healthy and delicious meals. Here's why it's a must-have:

  1. Easy and Quick Preparation: With minimal kitchen clean-up, you can steam a variety of foods in just a few minutes. From vegetables to fish to seafood, you can prepare a wide range of recipes quickly and effortlessly.

  2. Versatile Cooking Tray Accessory: The cooking tray accessory allows you to cook two dishes simultaneously, giving you flexibility in meal preparation. It also helps to flavor your food, separate excess moisture, and even defrost items efficiently.

  3. Innovative Design: The tray's handles are designed for easy insertion and extraction from the Microwave Cooker, making it user-friendly and convenient to use.

  4. Healthy Cooking: The Steam Case cooks food uniformly in its own juice, preserving moisture and essential nutrients. Cooking 'en papillote' helps retain the natural taste of ingredients while ensuring that vitamins and minerals are not lost during the cooking process.

  5. Energy-efficient and Safe: Made of 100% high-quality platinum silicone and plastic-free materials, the Microwave Steamer is easy and safe to handle. It is also the most energy-efficient cooking method, helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

  6. Comprehensive Support: The product includes timing conversion charts, cooking instructions, and recipes, making it easy for you to get started and explore various culinary possibilities.

Overall, Lékué's Microwave Steamer offers a convenient, efficient, and healthy cooking solution for busy individuals or anyone looking to simplify their cooking process without sacrificing flavor or nutrition.

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