Oxo POP 2.8Qt Square Container

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POP Containers - the ultimate solution for your storage needs! Whether you're storing cookies, crackers, or a hefty 5 lbs. of rice, our containers are designed to meet your requirements with precision.

Crafted with airtight seals and a space-efficient, stackable design, our containers keep your pantry staples fresh and neatly organized. Plus, with our new shapes, sizes, and must-have accessories, organizing your kitchen has never been easier.

Oxo POP Containers feature a signature push-button airtight seal, ensuring that your everyday essentials stay fresh and within arm's reach. From flour to spices, coffee to grains, our containers are carefully calibrated to preserve the freshness of your household staples.

With curved corners for smooth dispensing, handy fill lines, and durable, BPA-free construction, POP Containers are designed to streamline your tidying efforts. Use them anywhere in your home where organization is needed – the possibilities are truly endless!

Remember to always use the button to open and close our containers for optimal performance, and avoid carrying them by the lid. Accessories are available separately to enhance your organizational experience.

Upgrade your storage game today with our innovative POP Containers and experience the next level of tidying!

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