The Wand 4-Pack

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The mission of Pure Wine wine filter is to end the problem of wine intolerance so that more people can enjoy the unique pleasures & proven health benefits of drinking wine.

Facts about The Pure Wine Wand:

*The Wave™ and The Wand™ work on all red and white wines. The Wand™ also works with rosé wines and sparkling wine, such as champagne or prosecco, but the stirring action may cause them to lose their effervescence more quickly if used beyond the recommended 3-8 minutes.

*The Wave™ and The Wand™ have been thoroughly tested for efficacy in alleviating the side effects from wine allergies – and for safety — by a leading, independent laboratory.

Further, our patented NanoPore™ absorption technology is proven to selectively filter histamines and sulfites without changing the taste, aroma or color of wine. The Phoenix™ restoration technology is proven to remove the bitter, acidic and oxidized components of already opened wine, bringing it back to its best and natural state: pure wine.

The many thousands of testimonials from our customers tell our story better than we can ourselves.
*One Wand will filter a single 6-ounce glass of wine. This usage will ensure the most effective removal of histamines and sulfites.
The patented filtration technology in both The Wave™ and The Wand™ works without adding chemicals to your wine, making the products safe, reliable and effective. The filters in The Wave™ and The Wand™ have been tested according to FDA standards, and are manufactured with food-grade-quality, BPA-free components.
*Made proudly in the USA

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